Geospatial Revolution

Pennsylvania State University制作的『Geospatial Revolution』系列视频制作精美、内容丰富,通过一个个真实案例,介绍了地理空间技术在各个领域的广泛应用,包括灾难、军事、政府、商业和科研等等,还有多位业内大佬倾情出演~


The first episode covers what is involved in the geospatial revolution, the origins of mapping and geospatial technology, and a look at the use of crisis mapping in Haitian earthquake relief efforts.


The second episode looks at how local governments and business use geospatial technology to deliver services and run efficiently, keeping a continuing eye on future developments and applications.


The third episode explores geospatial technology in the world of security: how new technologies help to broker peace, wage war, and fight crime but can also compromise personal privacy.


The fourth and final episode explores geospatial technology around the world: monitoring global climate change, preventing famine, tracking disease and mapping communities never before seen on a map.

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